Lets MPROVE neonatal care together


MPROVE​​ stands for MultiPROfessional Neonatal Education.  It is trademarked and the all the educational content produced is copyright to MPROVE but available for use under creative commons distribution.  MPROVE was established in 2012 as a platform for delivering simulation based education in neonatology. The MPROVE academy was established as a platform for delivery of multidisciplinary neonatal education, simulation and technology enhanced learning to neonatal teams worldwide. Neonatal QI toolkits, videos and education packages are available through the MPROVE academy portal.  We bring neonatal education to your doorstep.
           MPROVE ACADEMY  delivers the following courses  ​​
  • MPROVE Simulation Instructor Programme
  • Difficult Neonatal Airway Course
  • Recent Advances in Newborn Resuscitation Symposium
  • Neonatal Ethics and Difficult Situations Course
  • Neonatal Procedural Skills Training Courses with Videos
  • European Neonatal Ethics Conference 
  • The courses can be delivered anywhere in the world and the MPROVE team helps you develop your simulation faculty


  1. Dr Alok Sharma
    Dr Alok Sharma
    Alok is a Consultant Neonatologist at Princess Anne Hospital Southampton UK. He founded MPROVE and MPROVE academy. He is passionate about the using multiprofessional education & MPROVing neonatal care.
  2. Dr Ranjit Gunda
    Dr Ranjit Gunda
    Ranjit is Consultant Neonatologist at Rainbow Hospital Hyderabad India. He is a founding member of MPROVE. His work on the OPEN concept has laid the foundations for MPROVE videos and Quality MPROVEment tool kits.
  3. Dr Sijo Francis
    Dr Sijo Francis
    Sijo is lead Consultant Neonatologist at St George's NHS Trust London. He led development of the neonatal ethics and difficult situations course as well as the difficult neonatal airway course. He leads delivery of courses in London
The MPROVE team consists of a variety of instructors from diverse backgrounds contributing to different courses in the UK and Overseas.
  1. Dr Dominic Wilkinson
    Dr Dominic Wilkinson
    Consultant Neonatologist John Radcliffe Hospital Oxford Director Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics Oxford Founding Member and Instructor NEDS course
  2. Dr Sri Babarao
    Dr Sri Babarao
    Consultant Neonatologist Wirral University Hospitals Wirral Founding Member and Instructor NEDS course
  3. Lisa Leppard
    Lisa Leppard
    Senior Sister and Family Care Nurse Princess Anne Hospital Southampton Founding Member and Instructor NEDS Course
  4. Sharon Cave
    Sharon Cave
    Senior Sister and Family Care Nurse Princess Anne Hospital Southampton Founding Member and Instructor NEDS Course
  1. Dr Jasim Shihab
    Dr Jasim Shihab
    Consultant Neonatologist Burnley General Hospital Lead Simulated Neonatal Airway Course Special Interest Moulage and Manikin Modification
  2. Dr Tanoj Kollamparambil
    Dr Tanoj Kollamparambil
    Consultant Neonatologist Royal Gwent Hospital Wales Joined as MPROVE Instructor 2017
  3. Dr Donna Windebank
    Dr Donna Windebank
    Consultant Neonatologist Princess Anne Hospital Southampton Joined as MPROVE Instructor 2017 Special Interest Moulage and CRM
  4. Dr VijayJamalpuri
    Dr VijayJamalpuri
    Consultant Neonatologist Rainbow Children's Hospital Hyderabad India Joined as MPROVE Instructor 2017