Lets MPROVE neonatal care together
MPROVE academy works globally with a number of Institutions
Instructors at the MPROVE academy will be working closely with the Paediatrics Department at AIIMS New Delhi to cascade a Neonatal Simulation Instructor Train the Trainers Course in April 2018
MPROVE academy will be running its first course in Dubai UAE covering recent advances in neonatal resuscitation in April 2018. This programme will have HAAD certification and accredited in the UAE through Tathqeef
The MPROVE academy has partnered with  NETZWERK KINDERSIMULATION.  This was launched in 2014 with a view to connecting institutions  providing paediatric and neonatal simulation in German speaking countries
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Team MPROVE is working to make simulation more realistic with LIFECAST
MPROVE is working with LIFECAST to create a customised baby for its advanced neonatal life support courses. The baby  is very realistic with hair and veins as well as an airway which can be intubated.
MPROVE is also working with LIFECAST to produce a baby 26 weeks gestation providing dimensions, pictures and videos of babies born at this gestation as well as videolayngoscopic pictures of the preterm airway
MPROVE provides resources for moulage and manikin modification to allow participants to enhance realism safely without damaging their manikins and invalidating their warranty. For more details click below
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Moulage Manikin Modification